July 11th, 2004


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I made sushi. I've been wanting to for a long time - my local supermarkets supply pretty much everything, and kosher, including the nori. The only thing I couldn't find were the mats, and a friend got me those.

I modified the rice slightly by using Splenda instead of sugar. It worked fine.

While I love raw fish sushi, that wasn't something I was prepared to risk at home, so I made cucumber and smoked salmon.

They came out very nice - I have to learn how to center the fillings, and to use more lox and I would love to get sea legs and avocado and maybe figure out how to put just the right amount of wasabi in the roll. I served two rolls (one cucumber, one cucumer and lox) with dinner and two more (one cucumber, one lox) for lunch and they were really good.

Shabbat lunch was dairy. jonbaker found actual kosher blue cheese. So I made a salad with a pear, pecans, red onions, the cheese, standard bag o'salad in a vinegrette composed of two kinds of balsamic vinegar plus a mixture of olive and vegetable oil, and a good shake of coarsely ground pepper (can't grind on the Sabbath, and not going to take the extra time on Friday to grind fresh, but a jar of coarse grind give a good approximation of fresh ground taste) and tossed it all together.