October 13th, 2004

Mama Deb

Folk party

Last night, jonbaker and I went to a folk party. Seems this singer/songwriter used to hold these parties in his home in Knoxville, and now that he and his wife live in an amazing loft in Manhattan, they're continuing the tradition here. He invites several singer/songwriters to perform around a "campfire", taking turns.

Yeah, it *is* a lot like filking, except with less participation from the audience.

About sixty peopld show up to listen and to buy CDs.

I misjudged the time and got to the area way early. And therefore discovered that there are three blocks in SoHo that have all the trendy clothing and shoe stores you can imagine, but not a single Starbucks or other coffee house. I was *amazed*. Fortunately,there was a place across the street from the loft, so I was saved and could sip a latte until it was time to ring the doorbell. Jonathan met me out front and we went up together with another guest. The elevator opened right onto the loft, so we took off our shoes (a rule) and walked in.

My goodness, what a loft. The master bathroom was bigger than my kitchen. Otoh, the kitchen was smaller than my bathroom. :)

There were four performers, plus a few other musicians - guitars, mandolins and a big bass violin, and a couple of "pilgrims" or extra singers. The performers sat (or in the case of the keyboardist, stood) in a row - three women and one man, who was married to one of the women. The first two women were very good - lovely voices singing standard sad and pretty folk songs about love and family and angst. And then there was Carla, who stood and belted out smart and funny songs. And then there was the keyboardist, who played his electronic keyboard with skill and style and sang with a rough, whiskey voice.

We bought two CDS.

It was a lot of fun. We should do more about this nightlife thing.