October 14th, 2004

Mama Deb

(no subject)

So. It turns out that today is the first time I've used my stove since, um. Last Friday. I realized this because it felt odd to turn on the burner directly - just a turn and Hey! fire! As opposed to taking the flame from a burning candle and transfering that carefully to the stove, and turning the handle carefully, as one does on holidays. Which was the last time I used the stove.

I had the oven on Shabbat, but that's just putting already cooked food in. We went out on Sunday night - we saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Was fun.

(Also, though, on the way home, two friends from our old neighborhood who preceded us to the new one got on the bus. And one of them was amazingly self-righteous. Because she no longer has a television and her older boys (midteens) all had "video monitors" but those monitors kept breaking down and she was grateful for that, and she'd *never* let them read comic books. And. Parents have a right to decide what their kids watch and so on, but honestly, these are good kids, and this no tv thing is only a few years old and. Well. Ouch. They should only know what I write for a hobby.)

Anyway, we had leftovers on Monday, with the fresh stuff cooked in the microwave, and we were out Tuesday for the folk thing, and I met cara_chapel on Wednesday, so yeah. My first time cooking a whole meal since yom tov.