October 18th, 2004

Mama Deb

Georgette Heyers

I've been reading a lot of Georgette Heyer lately, in no particular order. And while I truly enjoy her Regencies, there's something about her earlier Georgian ones - okay, it's slashability. I just finished These Old Shades, and it's amazingly...gay. I mean, the hero, who is supposedly this dark and evil guy, except we only see him as rather sweet and proper and loving his pretty clothes and jewels (yes, normal for the day, I know.) has a houseguest who basically bitches at him and who buys a pretty young boy (who turns out to be a girl but he doesn't know that at the time) because he looks like someone whom he hates. Except it's entirely possible to read that as someone he used to love. (Not to mention that it really felt like his bitchy friend thought he'd picked a catamite when he brought his new purchase home.)

And even when she's revealed as a girl and dressed in women's clothing and all that, his page remains quite boyish and even keeps her hair short.

And yet, the most fun aspect of this particular book is The cover.

Look at it. Look at what the young woman is wearing, given that the book is set in 1760 or so. And then look at the painting. Look closely at the painting. It's a rather famous one.
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Mama Deb

Just randomly

The gayest show on television is not Smallville. Or The Sentinel.

It's Lilo and Stitch.

It may look like a sweet and innocent cartoon about a little girl and her pet alien. In fact, it is a sweet and innocent cartoon about a little girl and her pet alien.

It also has two m/m couples that act like couples. Jamba and Quigley live with Lilo and her big sister. Quigley, who is nominally male, is "disguised" as a human female (as well as anyone with one eye, six limbs and no endoskeleton can be.) That means he wears a muumuu all the time, and a sheitel (wig) when he goes out. He's also excessively neat.

Gayer yet are the "bad" guys - Gamtu, who is a giant bipedal shark with elephantoid feet and his "friend", an alien experiment who makes sandwiches. They live together in a cave, and they fight and get jealous and just act *married." It's very sweet.

This series also tosses the word "ohana", meaning "family" around in a very endearing way - it seems to mean, anyone connected to any one we care about.

Edited to say it's "Bleekly", not "Quigley". Sorry.
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Mama Deb

(no subject)

Jonathan goes away tomorrow. It's only for two nights - he and his brother are going to get stuff from their late uncle's house, including bookshelves and a futon couch for us - but it's going to be so lonely.

We've been apart maybe six or seven times since we got married, and it's never easy.

He's taking pots and pans and cooking utensils, including a single burner electric hotplate I have (because the stove there doesn't work) and M will be making vegetarian/dairy meals. M doesn't eat meat anyway.

So what was Jonathan's last meal here for a couple of days? Leftovers. Curried chicken shredded and mixed with noodles, frozen green beans and margarine. Quick and dirty,but he liked it.