November 22nd, 2004

Mama Deb

Things Accomplished Today

1. Woke up.
2. Made dinner (tossed cut-up stew meat, chopped onions, precut carrots, whole mushrooms and small potatoes into the crockpot, along with tomato paste, peppercorns and bay leaves)
3. Had breakfast (pear and slice of cheese.)
4. Got dressed
5. Made lunch (box of salad, pouch of tuna, salad dressing)
6. Got to work only 5 minutes late
7. Did initial work stuff (voice mail, sales and rental sheets dated)
8. Wrote up one new listing, and entered all unentered ones.
9. Ordered new inkjet cartridges from Stapleswhile stapling some papers. (I am woman; I multitask.)
10. Recycled envelopes from old address by removing outdated flyers and discarding.
11. Prepared overnight envelope for pickup.

I have no work pending at all. 9-11 were spur of the moment tasks assigned to me by my employers and performed in minutes. It is now 12:14 and I have been at work for 2:10.

Think I can get away with writing fic? I have four stories in the queue.