December 12th, 2004

Mama Deb

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So. I just wrapped four presents.

I'm very bad at wrapping presents - I'm more of a "stick them in the gift bag and call it 'done'" sort of girl. But my husband bought a role of very pretty Chanukah paper, and he's out doing some last minute stuff, and there is his present (which he knows all about, but, you know.) So, using a scissors that barely works and a roll of scotch tape that is close to the end and my own meagre skills, I wrapped the presents.

Fortunately, all were rectangular. Well, my husband's *isn't*, but the Amazon box it came in *is*, so I just kept it in there, with the original bubble wrap and everything. See how clever? The ends aren't great, and one corner tore slightly on the butterfly kit (you send away for crysalises, apparently. We got parental approval before buying the gift.) but it's not terribly noticeable, and I'm not doing it over. And I managed with a minimum of tape, too.

Go me. So. One iRiver. One butterfly kit. One Tintin and one child's book about excavating Masada. And one stuffed tiger larger than the baby it's going to, which I haven't wrapped because I just remembered it.

I hope I have enough paper.

Update. Tiger is wrapped. Amazon boxes are wonderful things, aren't they?