December 15th, 2004

Happy Chanukah! by DarthFox

It's a gorgeous day

I'm back at work - my nose is no longer running and I have a voice, so I figure I'm safe to be here. The office is very quiet, but my bosses were happy to see me, so good.

It's one of those days that can only happen in winter - clear and frigid, with bright winter sun and cloudless blue skies. The only way it would be prettier is if there was snow around. It's also in the twenties, so I'm wearing layers - leggings over my tights, a turtleneck under a nice sweatshirt and an actual *hat* as opposed to a scarf. And my husband and I decided it was too cold for me to wait for a bus right now, so I took a cab in.

But it's so lovely for the last day of Chanukah to be so beautiful.

Last night was...amazing. I had to leave the house to pick up laundry, so I layered up and walked up my block. It was so beautiful - many of the windows had multiple chanukiyot lit, but even those with just the one - those straight lines of candles or oil lights were glorious. It's one of the reasons I love where I live.

(On the other hand, I was going to eat dinner out before picking up the laundry, and I'd forgotten reading material. I found an ad freebie booklet, and I like reading ads for, um. Cultural reasons. Yeah, that's the ticket. So I was entertained by all the Chanukah sales.)

Then I lit our oil menorah, which my husband had prepared for me before he left - he even put the wicks together.

Lovely holiday this year, and now I'm done with them until Purim.
Mama Deb

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My PDA has arrived!

It's sitting in its little cradle now, adorned with its brand new screen protector. In an hour, I'll digitize it (align the screen and stylus) and choose a few more options, and then d/l software.

And some books.

And it will be good.