December 22nd, 2004



It's a good thing I don't do minor fast days because, well. Today is one and I didn't realize it before, well, I saw a post on weirdjews2. Which was after I'd had some coffee.

So, it would be an oops, except that I don't do minor fast days. (And it would be a matter of skipping lunch, given that it's over at 5:15 today.)
Mama Deb

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So. We looked at a co-op tonight. It's huge - bigger than this apartment. It's also well in our price range *and* we'd be paying less a month. It's prewar and needs some renovation, but that's apparently included in the price (at least basics - kitchen, painting, floors.) It's a corner apartment, which means lots of windows.

It's owned by people in our synagogue who are making aliyah (moving to Israel.)

It's a tad further from our synagogue, but nothing out of line. It's also further from shopping than I'd like, but it's an elevator building, so I could use a shopping cart and do a week's worth of shopping at a time. I'd miss the ease, though, of getting fresh food on my way home from work. It's further from the bus stop I need.

It doesn't have a garage, so a car would still be a problem. The owners claim street parking isn't a problem.

It's beautiful. They'd do the kitchen to my specs, within reason. (All I want are the new appliances they promised, possibly a washer and dryer, and two separate sinks.)

It's on the fifth floor. 6 days a week, that's not a problem. We don't use elevators on Shabbat, and while the stairs are shallow, it's still a climb. Also, we've gotten used to having a sukkah during Sukkot and we wouldn't be able to do that anymore.

But all our stuff would fit, even our humungous dining room table, and there's plenty of wall space for book shelves and such. Jonathan doesn't fit through the bathroom door straight on, but that's just silly.

They have two kids, so fitting a child in would be no problem. I wouldn't leave the house on Shabbat with a baby (not carrying a baby down from the fifth floor), but that's normal and fine. We'd invite more people to make the climb instead.

The master bedroom is huge.

The broker was giving us a hard sell. I hate hard sells. But we can afford this place. And it's nice. I don't know. I'm deeply ambivalent.