January 2nd, 2005

Mama Deb

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Last night, after Shabbat and all, we went to a karaoke party at a friend's house. This was an...interesting experience.

First. *Tiny* apartment. Could pretty much fit in my dining room with room to spare - the kitchen (kosher, no less) fit in a corner. I'm assuming Todd doesn't do a huge amount of cooking. So. Tiny apartment and twelve of us, and we had to deal with things like, oh. Restriction on who can share a couch. When we arrived, there was only one empty spot on either couch and that had to go to Jonathan because, well, the other inhabitants of the couches were men. Which wasn't a problem - there were chairs, too.

Todd has gotten into comics lately (I'm an evil influence) but he's doing Marvel. I brought over some of my DC/Wildstorm trades, and he lent me some of his. Which meant I spent much of the evening with a pile of trades on my lap. (I took home Daredevil: Visitations Vol I (Frank Miller), Marvels (Busiek/Ross) and Ys the Last Man (haven't checked the creators.) I left the Wolverines and the Hulks. )

And then there were the songs. It's...funny. These were all songs we knew well - mostly popular stuff/rock from the eighties or so, with some Sinatra, one song from Fiddler and some Jewish stuff thrown in. And we'd be singing along and then we'd hit a snag - the lyrics would be off-color, even if slightly. And we'd fast forward or mumble or just giggle until they passed by. If we knew they were the final lyrics, Todd would just close the song down. Maybe in a different crowd, those lines would just have been fun, but here we were visibly uncomfortable. Ths includes me, the porn writer, and I was doing some writing on my Palm during this. But I was uncomfortable, too.

Then again, we also found we could put an interesting spin on "Rubber Ducky." :)

We also watched a stand-up routine by one of the women (funny, cute and completely clean, of course) that she did at for a contest in Manhattan, the cleanest routine Todd could find on the Ali G. show,and an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm". They were singing Springsteen when we left around midnight or so.

It was, actually, rather surreal. And a lot of fun.