January 26th, 2005

Mama Deb

New Browser

I use Mozilla at home, and Internet Explorer in the office. However, I had to get a new phone list from the Do Not Call registry, and every time I tried to go to the website, IE crashed. So, finally, I decided to d/l Firefox. And the registry site did not crash it. And it extracted the files I wanted it to extract. The whole thing went as smooth as silk.

I have a pretty theme. I have tabs, which IE doesn't have yet, unless it does in the latest update. Java isn't working great, but I can live with that. And just for a couple of minor things - IE doing funny things with LiveJournal, and I don't know what caused them to fix them.

The problem was simple but explaining is complex.

1. I'd go to my friends page.
2. I'd read comments/make comments.
3. Return to friends page. No change in page.
4. Refresh page. New entries.
5. Go to comments.
6. Return to friends page. New entries gone as if I hadn't refreshed.

I'd have to close the browser window and open a new one if I wanted the new entries to stick. I don't know why that was - that never happened with either Mozilla or Netscape when I used Netscape, and it's not happening with Firefox. But it was very annoying.