February 9th, 2005

Mama Deb


I lost my wallet today. I dropped it on the sidewalk as I was walking to work. And I didn't even realize it until I got a phone call.

A wonderful, kind woman picked it up and went through it to find out who I am. I do not have my phone number anywhere there, but she found Jonathan's name on an insurance card and called my home, and he called me. She lives only a block from where I work and my boss let me run over. (The last choice would have been to call one of my credit cards and they would have taken it from there.) And she *apologized* for messing up my cards. I asked if she wanted something, and she said absolutely not.

So I'm giving tzedaka instead.


We've had a lot of meat dinners this week, and, frankly, we're tired of it. So, I need meal ideas for tonight.

Parameters: Dairy or vegan. Must *not* need rice because we've had rice every night since Thursday (Veggie curry, side dish for chicken, veggie curry, side dish at wedding, chili, chili.) Should be with fresh ingredients I can purchase on the way home and cook fast. Low fat is good. Low salt is better. I do want protein. Anyone have any good ideas with yogurt for a main course? Also, no fish because I'm making that on Thursday.

I can get a fair amount of Asian style sauces/ingredients in my local stores.

ETA: I knew I could count on you. If I were Catholic, I'd have the Lent thing covered. As it is - we're going to have an amazing Nine Days. And I'm saving this post in Memories.