February 23rd, 2005


Manicure advice

Okay. I did the manicure thing. Twice (current color is OPI "A Man in Every Portugal" - a slightly less dark red than before.) The first time, I got it done on Thursday and they were chipping by Friday night. The second time was Monday evening and the chipping started this morning.

I really like the dark colors, but it's going to look really bad by tomorrow.

What do I do to preserve my nailcolor so I only have to go once a week? Was I wrong to do the quick dry thing that I did the second time? Because it did last a bit longer. Do I buy a bottle of the nail polish? Do I do overcoats of clear?

While I'm asking - it's winter. I wear shoes and tights. I'd like to get my toenails polished. How is that managed?