March 22nd, 2005


More randomness

1. Last night, I managed to do something to my foot (I'm doing that a lot. My right middle finger is still painful, although either less so or I'm getting used to it, and I still don't know how that happened) and getting up the stairs was an adventure. However, since it was on the top of the foot, not the ankle and I don't know what I did, I figured that I'd take some ibuprofen and I'd wake up to stiffness but no actual pain, and that's what happened. I am keeping my shoe tightly laced, though.

2. Spicy kielbasa in leftover split pea soup is delicious. Really, really delicious. Just thought I'd say. (And if you live in Brooklyn - Glatt Mart's store made kielbasa is excellent.)

3. When people do things to "help", it can get really annoying. They disrupt my routine and that can throw me until I can either access or create a strategy to deal with the disruption. This can take minutes or longer sometimes, during which I am actively agitated, and sometimes close to tears. Once I get the strategy, I'm fine. (Question - does this happen to other people?) Also, if there is no routine, I can deal with whatever happens, no problem.

4. I have those sheva brachos tonight. Following the concensus from last week, I'm currently wearing a purple fake sweater set (it's actually one piece) and a midnight blue skirt. I was going to wear a black skirt, so I could have worn my jade necklace and a green headscarf, but the black skirt needed to be washed. This meant an entire change of accessories. I'm still without a necklace, but I'll probably wear my silver dogwood pin, which should work well. We don't know if presents are required, but jonbaker found them a book.

5. I need a couple new icons, I think. One for "kvetching". :)