March 30th, 2005

Mama Deb

Random entry

1. I had a pedicure Sunday (also a manicure, but I'm now used to those.) Next time, I will take reading material onto the pedicure chair with me. Next time should be in about six or so weeks. And as I'd banged my toes about during my pa-kua class earlier, the manicurist thought my feet were really, really tense. I got a nice massage out of it, though.

2. No more Improvement classes until after Passover. I can't take two-three hours out of Cleaning Day.

3. I have coffee. This is of the good.

4. I now have bus and hotel reservations for ConneXions, and I have confirmed my micro/fridge. I'm getting food in microwavable containers to take with me - hot food at a con...what a concept. I'm even getting cashew chicken for dinner on Saturday and soup for dinner both nights. Yay! (Everything will be double wrapped for kashrut.)

5. Watched The Amazing Race last night. Collapse )
6. Not sure if I taped House last night. Can anyone give me a url?

7. Why, yes. I am bored. :)