April 19th, 2005

Bored by CaraChapel

Yep, Bored

I'm alone at the office. No bosses, no agents. The phone is, at the moment, silent. I have no pending work - in fact, before one boss left, I asked him if he needed me to do something because I had no work, and he said, "Tomorrow."

Which means I have nothing to do.

Entertain me.


Or I'll be forced to do something drastic. Like troll through ff.net.
Mama Deb

Pesach progress

Stove is now kashered. Just need to line it.

Freezer is clean and lined.
Fridge is clean and needs to be lined. (Note: I cover shelves only. I used plastic tableclothes in the freezer; will use plastic fridge liners in the fridge, plus foil for the shelves.

Cupboard is empty of chometz. Needs to be relined.
Pantry is empty of chomets. Needs to be relined.

Need to remove the chometz utensils and chometz fleishig pots and switch in the Pesadich stuff.

Need to kasher the sink and cover the counters.

Need to vacuum and get the bedlinens washed.

Need to shop because now haveempty freezer and almost entirely empty fridge. :)