April 22nd, 2005

Mama Deb

Yes, I'm going to be doing this again today.

Thus far this morning, I have put a brisket in the oven, made the mixture for matza balls (to be cooked later), put up a pot of unchicken soup (chicken soup without chicken - I'm feeding vegetarians, and I hope it turns out all right) and roasted the egg and turkey neck (which I'm using for a shankbone) for the seder plate.

And then I had coffee.

Still to come - farfel kugel, zuke-eggplant bake, haroset and tonight's dinner, which is meatloaf, baked potatoes and marinated broccoli. Oh, and I need to make the asparagus to marinate for Saturday night.
Mama Deb

More progress reports (I did say so.)

The brisket is in the fridge, along with the green vegetables I'm marinating. I'm so glad I kashered my microwave.

The soup is sitting on the stove for lack of suitable container. Ths will be sorted out.

The veggie bake and the farfel kugel are in the oven.

I'm having a cup of coffee.

Still to come - haroset, matzo balls and meatloaf.
Mama Deb

Chag Sameach!

Everything but tomorrow's coffee has been made and finished and fridged.

I'm tired but happy and I have a whole 25 hours to rest, which is pure joy by itself.

I hope those of you celebrating Passover have wonderful and meaningful s'dorim, and that everyone else is well and happy.

I'll be back Monday night.

Hugs, all.