May 6th, 2005


Return to Pakua

I went to Pa-kua for the first time since...Purim, I think. Yeah, I took off all of April.

I am going to *hurt* tomorrow, but it's a good hurt, right?

Quite seriously, I had a marvelous workout - I ran more than I walked, Master Eric had us (he did them with me) do 100 push-ups (and he had me go into a more horizontal position, so that while I was still doing the girl pushups, my knees were further back and giving me less support. I could feel it in my arms big time) and then 120 crunches. Again, I'm going to hurt tomorrow.

It doesn't help that I woke at 5:30 this morning with a leg cramp. The muscle relaxed enough that I could go back to sleep and could do the full work out, but my calf does hurt a bit.

Then we did the 24 movements slowly for maximum stretch, and the split on heels was as difficult as I'd anticipated. In fact, my thighs were trembling - but I held the split, so I'm happy. Couldn't keep them as wide as I'd liked for the floor movements, but I tried hard.

Over the past couple of years, I've developed these thick, ropy muscles in my thighs - visible even under the bodyfat. The few weeks I've taken off have reduced them. They're not as hard as they were and they feel smoother. I'm also stiffer, which makes sense since that's my normal state. Only exercise makes me looser.

I hope never to take as long a break again, or, if I do, I will do a regimen at home. I *like* those muscles. I like all the muscles and skills I developed.
Mama Deb

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Right now - I have finally taken off the two layers of tablecloth (cloth and disposable plastic) and the tablepads. My year-round candlesticks are sitting on their tray, their glass cups scrubbed free of old wax and rust, with two new candles inside, waiting to be lit. My placemats are back on the table, too. It's a shining expanse of lovely wood.

My kitchen floor is swept. In the oven is a pot of what Jonathan calls "Chicken and Rice Dish." It was originally a recipe from the Lubavitch cookbook Spice and Spirit they named Chicken Paprikash. It's not because Chicken Paprikash calls for sour cream, and, well. No. Except that I've tried pareve soy sour cream and it's not bad, so maybe...

Anyway, the original recipe is onions, celery, peppers and tomato (or ketchup, says the recipe.) saute'ed in oil until soft, and then you add cubed chicken breasts and paprka and when the chicken is cooked, you put in a couple of cups of rice and three cups of water and you let it cook. It's a pleasant dish.

I've long ago started adding spicy sausages - my local kosher supermarket sells store made spicy kielbasa - and today I used thigh meat instead of breast meat because I think that will be work better. I've also used Cajun spice, but not this time. It's delicious, it sits in a warm oven forever and it reheats beautifully.

With a salad, it's a meal.