May 13th, 2005

Mama Deb

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For those who, like me, have been wondering about this very thing, JK Rowling says why Sirius never got Veritaserum.

(He might still have got it, *I* think, if his name had not been Black.)

ETA that this shows that the Ministry is as corrupt as the people it was supposedly fighting. Which is apparently one of her themes - Umbridge, after all, was not a Death Eater. She was just evil.
Mama Deb

This may not be the worst story ever

But it's one of the dumbest.

I found this on babb_chronicles.

The plot? The kids of Hogwarts get married and have lots and lots of babies. And what's the most important things about babies? Why, their names, of course. (Although she seems to have run out of inspiration by the end. Draco and Luna's two youngest are Kevin Kline and Lucy Liu.)

Mostly, though, it's Mary Sue names. Or worse. When Harry and Ginny have a surprise third baby (Ginny is just out of Hogwarts, but didn't realize she was pregnant until she was five months along. Despite carrying triplets.) the first thing the nurse tells them is that the baby needs a name. Since, you know, that's the most important and immediate consideration. (Bill names her. "Lucky Fantasia.")

I love babb_chronicles.