May 23rd, 2005

BB fB -byCara_Chapel

Meeting the Potential Step-sibs

Or, at least, my mother's boyfriend's family. Mom's been seeing Lenny for over a year now, so it's About Time, but there are logistical things because I don't have a car and they're all in New Jersey and then there's the whole Sabbath and kashrut thing.

We took a train - they only live about five minutes from an NJ transit station so it was easy, and Lenny and his cousin picked us up.

Mom get a Middle Eastern spread from a local kosher dairy restaurant (various salads, babaganoush, hummous, tahina, falafel balls, hot sauce, grape leaves) and I brought some cakes from a local bakery, included a slab of marble cake that made Lenny happy.

And we met the family, and to my complete non-surprise, Lenny's family is a lovely as he is. I have a problem being in crowds of people, especially in a close setting, and even more so if I don't know them. If it gets too much, I have to find a place to hide. (This does not apply to SF conventions, btw. I don't know why this is so, but it is.)

This did NOT happen. I felt perfectly comfortable chatting with them and holding the family baby (Eamon) and joking and just...being sociable.

And they *love* my mother. They've taken her and my brother totally into their family - Lenny's grandsons kiss her and treat her as a grandmother. His granddaughters are, apparently, not quite as accepting, but they still like her. They're just so different from the prickly folks of my family and the nice but slightly intimadating people of my husband's.

And we got a ride home from one of Lenny's cousins.

I only wish we could have done this sooner.