June 15th, 2005


Shavuot and other things

1. I haven't even tried to see where my friendslist has skipped to. I'll look, but again, if anything interesting happened, comment here.

2. My friends were, in fact, delicious. Especially the two year old, who got to run around in only a diaper (I'm not the only one without working AC), play with his big brothers and sing at the top of his voice. At midnight.

The oddest part was that they are S'phardi, so they follow an interesting custom. It's customary to have dairy for Shavuot, but festive meals are supposed have meat. So, the first course was dairy - cheese ravioli and stuffed shells. We then removed the disposable plates, forks and tablecloth used for that course, and reset the table (and made sure to eat something pareve in between.) Then we had the meat course. It was weird having both in the same meal, I can tell you. I believe Hasids follow a similar custom? kressel, am I right?

Our custom is to serve entirely dairy meals, trusting to special foods and wine to make the meals festive. We do try to have one meat meal just because all-dairy can get tiresome. (Conversely, during other holidays, we try to have one dairy meal for the same reason.)

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Then we tried to turn on our computer. And apparently something is wrong with the hard drive. Jonathan couldn't even get it to boot to bios. He just called now. With the help of a friend's cd boot disc, he could get to a read-only status. That's fine. We have more than enough CDs, so we can now back everything up. And he has the convention program book all backed up already. He can pick up a new hard drive and a UPS and we will be fine.

Baruch hashem. Also, thanks to our friend.
Mama Deb

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My home computer is currently dead. I only have access at work.

Today is my entire work week.

So there is a more than good chance that I'll be offline until Monday. Play nice.