July 3rd, 2005

Mama Deb

An open plea

Okay, people. This is a plea. Really.

Pretty colors are nice, but you need real contrast for your page to be readable. You also need a font size bigger than nine.

Right now, I've seen two recs for The Late Night Visit, or Why Jo Decided to Kill Off Someone Else Instead and from what I could get from the first couple of paragraphs, it's worth the recommendation.

But then my eyes started to yell at me and I had to stop. Yes, I can and will do things to make it readable - Mozilla will do that for me. But if I have to do that, the page design is not as good as it could be. The small font and the light purple over light azure are uncomfortable. Even when I increased the font size by 150%, it was still difficult to read. The colors are lovely. I'd buy a skirt or curtains with that color scheme. But I'm not reading those.

eta : Once I told Mozilla to use my default colors (black print/white bg) and to increase the font size by 120%, I found that those who recommended the story were right. It was wonderful.