July 5th, 2005



It was a lovely day, one for which we'd originally had no plans beyond replacing our harddrive. However, on Saturday evening, we found out that the mother of a friend of ours had died, and that the funeral would be Monday.

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We did need to replace the hard drive, so yesterday evening, my brother-in-law stopped by to help. They had it done - old hard drive removed, new one installed, about to close up and put it all together instead - when my PDA decided to crash. Everything I'd added was *gone*. There was only one thing they could do - reinstall the old hard-drive and hook it all back up again so I could sync it. All that work wasted.

I also lost about a thousand words in the story I'm writing on the PDA, but that's less of a thing. That's happened to me before, and I've always ended up with a better story.
Mama Deb

Santoku knives and sharpening

I've been watching tv cooks good and bad use these knives for awhile now.

Are they any significant improvement over the standard chef's knife?

Also, my own chef knives (Wulstof-Trident, restaurant quality) are sadly in need of a sharpening. I hesitate to do it myself or take it to a knife grinder. Any ideas?