July 24th, 2005

Mama Deb

(no subject)

Did not fast today. The raging headach and dizziness at 10AM kinda told me "Bad idea."

I'll put up with that on major fast days, but not on minor ones. My doctor is unhappy about me fasting in general, anyway.

So, instead, I cleaned my kitchen. Because I have a cleaning person coming on Thursday. Oh, I didn't clean out my fridge or clean my oven or even wash the floor, but I got rid of a lot of junk. And made my stove top less embarrassing. I'll do the same in the other rooms of the house, and clear off (or get Jonathan to clear off) the dining room table. That is, I won't vacuum unless I need to, but I'll put things away and leave room for actual cleaning. And I'll make the bathroom less embarrassing.

The problem is, if I can do that, why do I need a maid?

My answer is, if there's someone coming every week or two to do this job, I'll have to keep it dejunked.