August 11th, 2005

Mama Deb

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It's office and bedroom day.

Office is neat. She's cleaning under the beds now. We haven't done that in..well, I sold under the beds last Pesach, okay? :)

And this time, I don't feel guilty. I still looks good. I'm keeping after things.

And I'm going away next week (yeah, I'm on VACATION now) but the week after, she can just do maintance, as estherchaya says. And so I can concentrate on cooking when the holidays roll around.

(no subject)

I'm currently writing an outline for an essay about sociopathy. While doing the research, I found myself diagnosing all sorts of fictional characters.

I figure this is about as safe a game as one can play with this sort of thing, since they are fictional and cannot get hurt. I would never do this to real people even in the privacy of my own head.

I'll leave most of the discussion about the subject to the essay. But.Collapse )