August 23rd, 2005

Mama Deb

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I hate going to the dentist. Not the treatments, precisely but because I'm really bad at dental hygiene.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my teeth started hurting. A lot. So I've started, you know. Brushing and flossing and mouthwashing. In preparation to dental visit. They're desperately in need of real cleaning, but at least they're not grungy.

And now the teeth are clean enough that I can tell the tooth has a bad, bad, *bad* chip in it. So I called the last dentist I went to (1.5 years ago) and he's off until next week. He did leave emergency numbers.

So. I've been living with this for a couple weeks already and I'm managing. It's uncomfortable but I'm managing. And I think this is going to be a root canal given the size and placement of the chip. Should I wait until Monday to make an appointment with the dentist I know (mostly from synagogue) or go to the complete stranger for the long treatment? I can also use my old dentist but he doesn't have office hours on Thursday and that's pretty much the only day I can make it without taking off from work.

At this point, I'm thinking of managing until Monday, knowing that this tooth is dead anyway.
Mama Deb

Poll analysis/daily_snitch effect

So, I posted this poll yesterday. And while the results by themselves are interesting - I haven't gone into detail, but I have noticed that those who have been reading fanfic online longer seem to prefer reading their stories on one page if they read them on line, and others prefer chapters. I also note that "easier" seems to be a reason in both cases.

I chose to use time reading fanfiction online as opposed to age or time reading fanfiction because I have a feeling that one's online experience is the operative factor. However, I'll need to analyze this more closely to really know.

But even more interesting, to me, is the daily_snitch effect. While my essays and such have been reported there in the past (and I'm thrilled each time), this is the first time I've had a poll reported. This is not surprising since I think I've done four polls ever.

The respondents have tripled, if not more, and the results *changed*. When they mostly came from my f'list, most people had been reading on line fandom for 5-10 years, read on line and wanted it all on one page for ease of reading and knowing how long a story would be. (And a fair number chose "Tik-Tok", which makes me think they know Oz.)

After it was reported, everything changed. Now more people have been in the fandom 5 years or less, and far more want to read in chapters because it's easier to keep track of where you are and it's what they're used to. (And poor Tik-Tok wasn't checked much at all.)

This makes sense, though. Many of the people on my flist who read online fanfiction are in the same fannish circles I am - longtime readers/writers in several different fandoms. I've known many of them for over five years. I have a lot in common with them. The daily_snitch people are all Harry Potter fans, since that's an HP reporting journal, but otherwise come from everywhere, and would skew young or new to online fanfiction.

Still, I find that whole thing interesting all by itself.

Chicken, Spinach and Garlic

This one only did take me thirty minutes. I timed it.

I put up a pot of water for pasta. Then I cubed a pound of boneless chicken thighs, and browned them off. Meanwhile, I chopped up a large Spanish onion and took out the end of a package of frozen spinach. I added about five inches of garlic kielbasa, in 3/4" slices to the chicken. When the chicken was brown, I took it out of the pot, put in a little more vegetable oil and the onions. I put the pasta (a short twisty whole wheat) into the boiling water. I added bay leaves, five cloves of minced garlic and a few grinds of nutmeg and black pepper to the onions, plus a little water. When the onions were brown, I put in the frozen spinach and then the chicken and whatever juices had accumulated. The pasta was cooked, so I drained it. When the spinach thawed, the pasta was done and drained. Serve the chicken over the noodles.