September 26th, 2005



I spent yesterday googling around. I'd just read David Lipsky's Absolutely American, which is about West Point, and I wanted to see the uniforms, and then I got sidetracked onto other military type uniforms and grooming regs.

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I'm taking October off from work, as I just told my employers. This is not a vacation - it's the Jewish holidays, which anyone can tell you are *not* restful, and can be very, very intense.

And this year they fall Tuesday/Wednesday, except for Yom Kippur, which falls on a Thursday.

I work Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday. And I'm not working erev yom tov (except erev Y"K, because we close early anyway.) So, I'm off the first, third and fourth weeks of the month. We're closed on R"H anyway, which helps. It's going to be so weird coming back after the holidays are over.