October 3rd, 2005


Cooking update

I am sitting, and my hands are chapped. I do have lotion and I will use it.

I don't think I've ever washed my hands quite so much.

I made the stuffed peppers. I, of course, used my hands to mix the meatballs. This meant washing them before starting, after mixing them and then after mixing them again because I forgot the tomato sauce. My mother always taught me that when you're making a stuffed vegetable or other meatball in sauce dish, everything that goes in the sauce goes in the meat. This was a tomato based sauce, so I needed to add some tomato - I used some liquid from a can of crushed tomatoes. But it meant squooshing things around again. And then I cut the green peppers, which meant rinsing the seeds out of each one, and then I made the meatballs. Which meant I had to keep dipping my hands in water and then I had to wash them again.

And then it was time for the turkey. And that meant washing the turkey and putting it on the pan and washing my hands and seasoning and turning the turkey (I start my turkeys on their breasts) and washing my hands again and then washing everything I used, and my hands were greasy afterwards, so...

I use a moisturizing hand soap, but there are limits. I'm going to find my lotion now...

(And, btw, with the turkey and the peppers cooking, I'm done.)
Mama Deb

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It was just a minute, really! I turned the heat on high under my pot of stuffed peppers and the next thing I knew, I smelled burning. I was using my stockpot, which has a very thin bottom and I wasn't thinking.

I was in the kitchen. I smelled it right away, and I knew the only thing to do would be to transfer it to another pot. Of course, the other pot wouldn't hold everything, but that was okay, since I knew I'd have to leave at least some sauce behind. And, no, I did not stir it or scrape any burned parts.

And then I realized I needed the other pot to heat my soup tonight. So I transfered it again to a large food container. And I smelled burnt as I transfered it, but nothing I taste tastes burnt, so I don't know.

It's my main course tomorrow night. I have guests. I have nothing else, except maybe leftover turkey. It has to be all right.

It will be all right, right? It tastes fine.

L'shana tova!

May all who observe Rosh Hashanah have a wonderful holiday.

May everyone be inscribed for a healthy, happy and prosperous new year.

And if I have offended anyone, please forgive me.

L'shana tova!

Much love to all of you.