November 8th, 2005



I know it's been a long time. In fact, the last pa-kua class I was in, I *taught* - a demo during Contata. And that was back in June.

Now it's November. There were reasons - my master had to go to New Mexico (waves to Master Eric) and we're trying to figure out who I answer to now - there's a hierarchy. And I knew I wanted to have a real class again, and I knew I'd rather have an all-female class with a female teacher. And I didn't know if I could just go to any school.

Turned out, I could do all of that. Yay! I went to the website ( and looked at the schedules, and found that someone I knew, a very sweet girl called Master Ilona, was teaching an all-women's class Monday and Wednesday nights from 7-8PM. I called, and she was happy to hear from me.

It was a *real* class - six other students on several different belt levels. This was something I hadn't had in a long time. And Master Ilona is a wonderful teacher. I'm the highest belt in the class, but that's okay. I'm also the oldest person. :)

I needed the workout so badly - I could feel my joints starting to stiffen up, and I was losing ground, and I missed all of this. And I'm exhausted now, and I will be in pain tomorrow, but I had a lovely hot shower, and I will be back, I hope, on Wednesday.
Mama Deb


Today started out so beautifully - and it continues so, bli ayin hara.

Walk up extra early and decided to take advantage of that by leaving the house early - in time to buy egg salad on a bagel and, really, get to work a half hour early. So, I bought a cup of coffee and a pear, and even so, was at my desk before 10AM.

Was early enough that instead of getting on a train to go from the last stop of the bus to the station by my office, I walked. Ten whole minutes. :) But it felt nice.

I have no work pending and the office is currently quiet.

Anyone have a story request? Pairing, fandom(s) and three key words.