November 11th, 2005

Mama Deb

I *hate* stairs. Plus comic book stores.

Gravity is not my friend. I managed to miss the last step of my stoop on my way out of the house.

1. I was in a hurry because this was an unexpected errand - I'd forgotten to pick up my meds on my first trip out.

2. I was carrying some garbage.

3. There was a pile of leaves that my landlady should have had cleared away.

4. I was not paying attention.

I didn't land well, but my leg can bear weight with no problems - it's just slightly stiff. There was no blood and my stockings are completely unharmed - nor are there scrapes on my hands. So maybe I did land well.

I *hate* stairs, especially stairs *down*. I'm not afraid of heights. Very long down escalators are fine. But I have very poor balance. I go down steep stairs very slowly and clutching the bannister. I go down less steep stairs at a reasonable speed touching the bannister. If there is no bannister, I'm very, very slow. I *hate* stairs.

Otherwise -

Wednesday, I changed my comic book store. Those of you who buy comics know why this is big. For those who do not - one of the services a comic book store provides is the "pull list." That means they keep a list of the comics you read on record, and every Wednesday, they "pull" copies. It means that if you miss a Wednesday or two, you won't miss an issue of one of your regulars, and it also means that the shop will get a comic even if you're the only one reading it. But it also means an ongoing relationship. The store knows your tastes and may pull out extras in case you might be interested, for example, and you can talk about things going on and, well. It's cool.

But "my" store is closing. He's not waking up from his stroke. And the companies aren't sending anything to the store even before it closes, for good reason. I only got one comic last week.

So I went to the other store in reasonable distance from where I work and created a new pull list. I have a new comic book store. It's a better place and they give bags and boards on request, and they're doing the new thing of arranging all the comics in alphabetical order regardless of publisher, which is weird for me, since my old place had DC and Marvel racks, but that's okay. I wish I didn't have to change, or that I changed for a better reason.