December 16th, 2005

Mama Deb

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Shabbat's in about forty minutes. Dinner is - oh, I don't know what to call it.

I marinated chicken over night in old red wine, a bit of oil and fresh thyme and tarragon, and baked it for 90 minutes at 400. It smells heavenly. In about a half hour, I'll put half of it back in the oven, along with a store-bought kugel and frozen peas and carrots, and that will be dinner. Lunch will be the same, more or less. Very simple, you see.

I tried out a new restaurant today, on its grand opening. It's just the sort of place my neighborhood needs - a dairy sandwich place, somewhere between the bagel shop and the brick oven pizza places. Waiter-service, sandwiches, coffee, artisanl bread, fresh salad and pasta, plus a dairy bakery.

I had cream of mushroom soup (my favorite soups - cream of mushroom, vegetable and onion - are *standard*) and a tuna on whole wheat. They'd panini'd it, so it was nice and toasty with cold tuna for contrast and a slice of melted muenster. I'd not asked for it, but it was *nice*. Since I'd asked for a dairy soup, they knew I didn't need to be pareve. I also got a small side of french fries.

It's the first day and they're still working out the kinks, and Fridays make it tougher, since the local girl's school gets out at one, but it's filling a niche.

I think it's a place I could go for coffee and english muffins (I know I saw someone with eggs benedict), which is really, really nice. Or for a coffee with my husband after going out. Whatever. It's just. Nice.