December 29th, 2005


Report on the state of the me

First - hugs for all the hugs and thank you for all the good wishes and hopes for refuah shlemah. It all helped.

After work, I had my eyeglasses adjusted so they fit again. The lenses are slightly scratched, but that's not noticeable. I will get them replaced, which is a bother because they're progressives.

And then I went to Pakua. And I'm glad I did. We've been making adjustments for my ankle, so I knew there would be no problems making adjustments for my current injuries, including my now swollen hands. I couldn't get my rings off, for example.

By the end of class, I felt a lot better. I think I was slightly shocky (I did cry a bit on the bus on the way to work, and that also helped), and the endorphine rush from a good work out took care of the last of that.

So, right nose, which was scraped, is still bleeding a bit. I'm keeping it covered and using antibiotic ointment. The gaping wound in my upper lip is now sealed and the swelling has gone down considerably. Eatting is not the same adventure it was. It was very chapped, but I have lip balm on now, and that will help. My hands are healing from their scrapes and the swelling has gone down - unlike last night, I have a real grip. The pads under the thumbs are bruised, of course, but that's normal for this. My knee still hurts, but it moves and there is no visible injury. So I'd say I'm doing well.

My biggest worry was that I'd get racoon eyes, but that hasn't happened.

I did wake up at 4AM rather creaky with painful shoulders and neck (not a surprise, really), so I took Advil and went back to sleep. I took more when I woke up for good, and it is helping. I do expect my shoulders to hurt from the work out, too.

So, basically, I'm almost back to normal.
Mama Deb

My Arisia schedule:

  1. Responsible Monogamy White Hill Sat 2:00 PM

  2. Female Fandom in Comics Lexington Sat 3:00 PM (moderator)

  3. Harry Potter for Adults Franklin Sat 4:00 PM

  4. Why Write Fanfic? Thoreau Sat 5:00 PM (moderator)

And then, apparently, I collapse in an exhausted heap.