January 4th, 2006


Crockpot red curry

Wednesday is, of course, Pakua day. While I don't mind coming home to cook dinner, it's often on the late side and I'd rather not. Enter the crockpot.

A while ago, I "invented" a red curry - saute onions in neutral oil, add chicken, curry powder and tomato sauce, simmer until chicken is done, add frozen peas. Serve over rice. Yum.

I was looking through one of my slow cooker cookbooks, and noticed an almost completely identical recipe. So. Cool.

Last night, I chopped and sauted a red onion (what I had in the house) in some safflower oil until it was soft, and put it in the fridge. This morning, I dumped the onion, four or five skinless bone-in chicken thighs and a small can of no-salt-added tomato sauce, plus a good covering of supermarket "hot" curry in my crockpot. I set it on low, weighed the lid down with a measuring cup (it's a slightly older model with a lightweight plasted lid) and that was it.

About twelve or so hours later, when I came home, I put the rice in the rice cooker and added frozen peas to the very dark and rich looking stuff in the crockpot.

It was *delicious*. The chicken was falling off the bone tender, but still moist because I used thighs, and very flavorful. The sauce was rich and caramelized, with the flavors of the curry and the chicken coming through. And so very, very easy.

Then again, I do nothing hard.