January 6th, 2006

Mama Deb

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Shabbat menu:

We're running a shabbaton this weekend (think "retreat") - this one is designed to get people thinking when they do mitzvot.) It's a joint project of our synagogue and Aish Das, which means it's mostly Jonathan.

There's a shabbat dinner plus a kumsitz (think Jewish filk circle) and then a talk/discussion about "Are we a nation of doormats." There will be a similar talk/discussion after shacarit, and then there will be a maleve malkah, which is a dinner after Shabbat, with a panel of three rabbis and a moderator.

So dinner is taken care of.

Lunch is the two of us plus R'Berger and another man. I'm serving gefilte fish, baked "salad dressing" chicken, salt and pepper kugel and tomato salad, with mocha cake for dessert.

Salad dressing chicken is chicken marinated in vinegar, oil, Italian seasoning and fresh garlic. You could use a commercial salad dressing or marinade, but this is very easy. I don't measure - use a lot of vinegar and a little oil, and maybe some water, and dump the rest in. Grate or crush the garlic. Since I'm making two chickens, I mixed it together in a two cup takeout container (made about a cup, all told) and put half in to each of two gallon ziplocs. Then I added the chicken , pressed out the air and sealed the bags. I put them in a bowl in case of leaks, and let them marinate over night.

They're in the oven now at 450.