January 20th, 2006



90 minutes later:

Two chickens, cut in eighths, marinated in fresh lemon juice and rosemary, in oven.
One double recipe Sarah's Pasta (canned salmon, garlic, frozen peas, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar mixed with bowtie noodles.) in pot on stove. Need to figure out where to put it.
A large amount of red-skinned potatoes, cut in chunks, dusted with salt and freshly ground pepper, sprayed with cooking spray. In oven.
One double recipe spinach kugel. In oven.

Also on stove - one pot of chicken stock. I made it last night, but it was a tad thin and hadn't gelatinized, so I simmered it more today. It's much better now.


Dinner (just the two of us)
Chicken broth garnished with a slice of fresh lemon
Chicken, potatoes and sliced kugel

Lunch (with one or two guests)
Sarah's Pasta
Chicken, potatoes and kugel
Cake already brought by one of the guests

Su'edat Shlishit (If I'm home and want it) or Maleve Malkah:
Sarah's Pasta.