February 7th, 2006

Mama Deb

HP thoughts

Something I just realized - I have not read a new HP story since HBP came out. And while I've been writing a little bit, it's all been in a long story that I began three weeks before HBP came out and it was thoroughly jossed.

Which I expected.

Anyway. Anyone have good stories to recommend? I want long, I want well-written. I want Draco/Harry or Snape/Harry, or Remus/Sirius, or maybe something sweet with Neville, perferably with Harry. I don't mind AUs, but canon would be nice. Rating doesn't matter, but I'd like plotty.

And I want them posted past HPB, please.

Not asking for much, am I? :)
Bored by CaraChapel

Fox polls and randomness

Why, yes, I am bored.

Bored enough to go to the FOX website to see if and when House is on tonight. (9PM EST, btw.)

And there was a poll. And the poll asked if we wanted House to get together with Stacy. "Yes, I would love it." "Blech, no, never!" I, of course, voted for the latter, but 80% of huge number of people disagreed.

And then, because I'm bored, I went to the American Idol page. There was a poll there.

What's the biggest mistake the auditioners make? Answer: Thinking they can sing. Except that wasn't one of the choices. And, you know. Maybe more can and we don't see them. *shrug*.

Meawhile, in an office where we can't count on people to return keys, someone wants to have a coffeemaker. Even though we also don't agree on the strength of the coffee and NO ONE would clean it. Bad idea.

Also. Bored. Anyone want a rant? I'm in a ranting mood.
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