February 9th, 2006

McShep by SkaterGater

SGA questions

I haven't seen all of the series. This is clearly the fault of the people who schedule it for Friday nights, so I have to tape it and *then* I have to find time to watch that which I have taped, and since my husband is also a fan of the series, it's not just time for *me* but it's time for *us*, and that's just not possible. So you know that episode where they all came back from the thing with Ford and the Wraith juice and so on?

Last ep I've seen.

Because then there was Shabbaton and then there was Arisia, and then there was run-up to Dinner and then there was Dinner. And as the backlog gets bigger, we have less time to catch up. And we still haven't caught up on Firefly even though we own the whole series AND have seen the movie.

So, you know? Spoilers really don't bother me. Just saying. But they may bother other people, so the answers to my questions may involve spoilers and if you don't want to know, don't go there.

And why does Skiffy have to show all the good shows on Friday night? I'm just, you know. Asking. Because I know the answer, and I get it. But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Okay. Rant over.

I've been reading a lot of stories and I need to separate fanon from canon. Because I spent a lot of time in the TS universe, and there's more fanon there than anywhere, and I need to know what's canon, what's canon-but-exaggerated and what's pure fanon.

1. How much does Rodney love coffee? Really?
2. How much is Rodney's much used citrus allergy real, and how much can be hypochondria? How often has it been mentioned? Bee thing, too? And is the hypoglycemia real?
3. Ferris wheels? Really?
4. Caltech for John? I've seen it a couple of times, from different authors, so I'm sort of confused because I thought, you know. Colorado Springs.

and just for fun, what are the chances that John Sheppard has a really hot older brother or first cousin who's a neurosurgeon in Seattle?

Knitting help


I'm making a scarf using circular needles. I got to the second color and then I realized that the first stripe had been miscounted.

I have a counter - a big red clicker type. I still miscounted. I'm also using a marker.

I ripped all the way back and started over. Now I need to know a couple of things about counting rows.

Do we start from the cast-on row? Or the first knit row? And when we change colors and start over again - same thing - do we start then, even though none of the second color shows until we knit the next row? Or do we start counting when the second color starts to show in the knitting?