February 13th, 2006

Mama Deb

I canna break the laws of physics!

But, apparenty, Real Estate can.

I just got a listing for a triplex apartment with four rooms in a two story building. This works because there is a basement included, but it's still very confusing and I think maybe the agent got things wrong.

And the agent got testy when I started asking her questions. Note - this agent asks very nosy questions about other agents and what they're doing and who phone calls might be from. And it's seriously annoying as well as not being professional.

Ah, well.

In other news, I'm done for paperwork for the day.

(no subject)

We were blizzarded out of Pakua yesterday, which is a good thing because I *still* can't find my pants, and the black sweatpants I bought are too heavy. The only other pants I own are leggings. And, well. I have rabbinical permission to take mixed classes, but part of that is because the pants belonging to my uniform are baggy. Leggings by definition are *not* baggy. (I own them because they're warmer than tights - and warmer still when layered over tights. I consider them extremelu heavy stockings without feet, to be worn under skirts.) I have to figure out something by next Sunday. There's a martial arts store near where I buy comics. Maybe I can get something there.

But I *can* wear leggings in a single sex class. So tonight was not a problem. My ankle was bothering me a lot - even with good boots, walking on slushy or ill-shoveled sidewalks is difficult. I decided this was not the night to split on heels, jump or run.

We had a couple of extra students in the class - Nechama, eight years old, yellow plus one orange stripe, and...um. We've had Devorah's daughter Batsheva, nine years old, in our class for months now. She's a delight. She tries very hard, even if she doesn't get things quite right, she listens to what she's told, and she has the most wonderful, joyful smile. We all love Batsheva. We loved her even more after this class.

The other was Instructor Matti, who is nineteen and red-to-black advanced. Her younger sister is a blue belt in my class. And, well. I have to say this. She made me feel - good. She was graceful enough, and skilled, and very strong, but she's also not just taller than me (even the teen-agers are taller than me), but rounder. And she *wasn't* perfect. She rolled better, but I fell better. And that means I won't be so hopeless when it comes to advancement. I hope.

Also, last week, I got the orange belts to do their rolls and falls from the orange belt position, which they weren't doing. And they did beautifully today, too. :)

Also. Orange belt is pressure points, and I was partnered with an orange belt. The pressure point they learned is at the rib cage. I know it hurts because when I used it on her, it hurt. Not every pressure point works with everyone. This one doesn't work for me. I don't think it's a fat thing, either. It's just me.