March 3rd, 2006


Hand stuff

I just made an appointment with my primary physician. For Sunday at 12:30.

I'm overdue anyway for blood tests and weighings and such.

But that's not why I'm doing it. I'm doing it because my fingers are getting numb and tingly.

I can feel, but it's like doing it through a glove. I can sense temperature and texture and such. I can type just fine.

I've had carpal tunnel for twenty years, since I spent a couple of weeks building boxes using a pneumatic staple gun. Which was fun, but I had a hard time taking notes in class a week after I finished. Since then, holding things in my right hand might make it numb and needlework and games like Blockout made it worse.

This sort of feels like that, but it also doesn't. A finger will get a painful tingle at the top and then it will get numb. This is scary. Again, it hasn't limited my ability do things like write or cook or grip or anything.

At this point, I suspect it's the knitting, since my left hand is also having this problem. I haven't knitted in a week, though, and there's no signs of improvement. Just the opposite - left pinky is getting tingly. Still, I think a pinched nerve is the most likley problem.

On the other hand, I've been a Type II diabetic for six years now, and I'm far from perfect in diet. So it could also be neuropathy. I googled about it last night.

The technical name is "finger parethesis", which means tingling in the fingers." Uh. yeah.

Anyway, I've made the appointment with the doctor. This means I don't need to be nagged about it. :)
Mama Deb


Well, close enough.

I left my house at 11:30 for to do the shopping I didn't do yesterday (yesterday was a strange, nothing, floaty day. Sort of a minivacation. It was nice and necessary.)

My front steps were icy and I had to be very careful getting down. Not all my neighbors had shoveled adequately and there were a lot of slippery stretches on the sidewalks. I was ready to go home and change to my winter boots, but decided not to.

After lunch and shopping, I walked home. It was about 12:30.

And most of the ice had turned to water, or had at least gotten texture to make it less dangerous. My front steps were damp but no longer slippery.

My side of the block faces west. It's a lovely, cold clear day, and there was nothing shading the front yard.

It's amazing what a half hour of sunlight can do when the average temp is only a degree below freezing (it's 31F according to Weather Watcher.)