March 16th, 2006

Medical stuff

Medical stuff

My blood pressure is 130/80. Given that Sunday before last, it was 150/100, this is a tremendous improvement. So the diuretic is working.

I've also lost two pounds, which I attribute to the diuretic as well. (PS to kadymae - he thought the hibuscus tea was a good idea.)

My A1C levels are awful - scary awful. 9.1. Healthy is 5. I maintained 6.7 for years, which is good for Type 2.

I am on Glyset now. My doctor likes medications that prevent absorption of whatever you're trying to avoid asorbing, and he thinks it'll work better than glucophage, which made me nauseated.

I'm also to begin monitoring my blood sugar. I'll get the works on Sunday. Any diabetics on my flist who can recommend a good meter?

And I'm currently d/ling diabetes monitoring software to my desktop and pda. Because you know. Useful.

Oh. And I'm on a 1500 calorie low carb diet. My life will be meausured in 1/4 cups and single ounces. And Pesach will be fun. Much, much fun. But, you know. Even a 5% weight loss will be significant. That's...ten pounds. :) So, I'll be doing the food diary thing, too.
Medical stuff

Food Diary - Dinner Thursday Night

I couldn't really get started with this until now.

Dinner was stirfried chicken with green beans and mushrooms, over brown rice. I'm allowed 2 oz of meat, so I measured that out, more or less. I'm allowed 1/2 cup of vegetables, so I measured that. And 2/3 cup of brown rice. The bowl I ended up with was about the same size serving I usually have - maybe a touch smaller, but not that much.

I'm eating a half a grapefruit now. I'm also supposed to have a milk but that's not going to happen. I'm also figuring the garlic, scallion and ginger are part of the veggies, and the sauces are small enough to not count.