March 29th, 2006

Medical stuff

Interesting Readings plus, um. an Ooops.

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Oops I left my wallet on the bus. I had it on the bus - someone came in looking for change and I went through mine. I thought I'd put it back in my purse and I certainly thought no more about it until I got off, and went to check if I had my testing kit. Which I did. But no wallet. I've turned my purse upside down and checked my coat pockets and even the bag holding my lunch and there's nowhere else it could be.

I called the MTA but they said no one had it. I need to call cancel the cards but I can't do that until I reach jonbaker and he's been out of touch.
Mama Deb

Wallet stuff

Credit cards cancelled. New driver's licence ordered (thank you, American Express.)

Need to check if I have my social security card anywhere. Need to get money to pay cleaner tomorrow - have to ask jonathan to get the cash. Need to buy new wallet.

Need to contact triple A.

Grateful that local supermarket will take my checks.