April 26th, 2006

Mama Deb


1. Last night, in Pakua, I touched my toes. One of the 24 stretches requires us to stand with our feet double shoulderwidth apart and, with our hand in a blade, to touch the opposite foot in one smooth motion. If we can't get to our feet, we just need to get the form right.

I touched my feet last night!

2. The basil plants are starting to perk up. Maybe I haven't killed them.

3. I just downloaded Thunderbird to my office desktop. Now I don't have to log onto verizon.net to get my email. And I can leave the mail on the server until I get home anyway. I just have to remember to shut it off completely before I go home, the same as I do for Semagic and AIM. Also, I can filter my lj mail now. And read things in the right order and...yeah.