May 21st, 2006

Mama Deb

All dressed up...

I'm on my mother-in-law's new Mac, waiting to leave for a Drisha dinner, so I'm all dressed up here.

Drisha is a yeshiva for women. I attended it for a number of years - single courses during the year, intensive ones in the summer. I have a few problems with them - I think that they've moved a bit too far to the left for my own tastes - but they're still a worthy endeavor and I certainly value the time I spent there and wish I could return.

We're going because they need warm bodies to fill empty seats. Jonathan is busy going through old photos for that chuppah square, which is due at the end of the month and for which we have done nothing. My inlaws lost theirs entirely. We're trying to get photos of their grandparents. We'll get them copied onto the chuppah square and maybe, if there's room, draw a glitter frame around them.

Or not.

This is what happens when you give a craft project to people who don't do crafts.

Jonathan is in a rumpled suit, because he won't hang it up properly. Mom is in a dress she's proud to say she's worn to many such events (she bragged about the age of the dress seven years ago when she wore it to a dinner in which we were honored. Thanks, Mom. She's talking about wearing it to the wedding now. I don't know. They have plenty of money.) I'm not in a new outfit myself, but I'm in process of losing weight and I wouldn't brag about it anyway.

Okay. Leaving now.
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