May 23rd, 2006

Mama Deb

To the max

Dear the banker who just called:

You're very sweet and nice and polite, which are very much appreciated. So I shall give you a word of advice: please don't use the word "awesome" in a business call. While it's good you think it is awesome that the unavailable agent can help you, the word itself says you are very young.

the secretary

And I know perfectly well that in five or ten years, it will be perfectly normal to use it - as my mother told me never to use the word "okay" twenty years ago, the very day I was told the exact opposite by the place where I was temping.

Medical stuff

Things I have learned

Bananas are not necessarily a good thing for breakfast.
Always wash one's hands with soap and water.

Rings are funny things. You don't expect to lose weight in your hands, you know? And it's also a very dry, cool day (glorious! - I love this weather) which does cause finger shrinkage, too. So my rings (my wedding and engagement rings on my left hand, my turquoise one on my right - the only rings I wear, but I wear them all the time) are loose, and the stones are interfering with my typing. I thought about moving the turquoise to a different finger, but that won't work. The joints on on the first and middle fingers are somewhat swollen and I can't get the ring over them, and the pinky is obviously too small. I didn't even realize that about the joints in my first finger, but now that I compare them to my left hand, I can see it's true. It doesn't hurt, though, unlike the middle finger, so I don't think it's arthritis.

I do know that the last time I lost a significant amount of weight, about fifteen years ago, I lost the turquoise for awhile, and as it was a gift from my mother over 21 years ago, I don't want to do that again. And they don't resize silver for some reason.

Also, of course, it's probably the weather.