June 9th, 2006


Running Day 3: I didn't.

That is, I got up, I had water and peanut butter, and I got dressed, including finally digging out my real running shoes, as opposed to my everyday sneakers, which I had been wearing.

And I got out of the house, too. I walked the seven minutes to Ocean Parkway, I ran for sixty seconds. I walked for 90. I then...ran for thirty seconds and that was that for the running. Not that I stopped. I walked about as far as I'd run on Tuesday, and I was out for just a bit longer.

I'm not sure why I had to do that. My legs are very stiff, of course, although I do warm up first. I'm currently thinking I'm just not used to the shoes, which are cushioned but designed for superpronators like me - very stiff. Which is a good thing, but I'm not used to them. So I'll wear them more often and GET used to them.

I'm not disappointed - disappointed would be giving up entirely. I walked at a moderate pace for 35 minutes. This is *good*.
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Lazy afternoon

I am spending the afternoon reading knitting blogs. This is because I'm going to a friend's for dinner and tomorrow's lunch is to pretty much last minute. I do have the rice cooking, though.

I have five guests for lunch tomorrow, one of whom has become a vegetarian (at the age of ten. Mom and Dad are insisting she eat fish until she's a little older, while her little brother is on the picky side.

So, with help and advice from kosher_cooking, I came up with this menu.

First course - guacamole (avocado mashed with lime juice and mixed with fresh tomatoes and red onions and a touch of garlic and hot sauce.) served with a plain green salad - red leaf and butter lettuce mix with scallions, cucumbers, and green pepper, tossed with lemon juice and olive oil.

Second course - veggie chili cooked cholent style - three cans of beans (low salt organic), diced tomatoes, sauted onions and red peppers, bay leaf, balsamic vinegar and chili powder plus chipotle spice mix, all put in the crockpot in the last minute because it'll all be cooked. I'll keep it on low. And I'll add some extra water. I'll serve it with chopped onions and brown rice.

I'll also make some tuna salad in case it either doesn't turn out well or the little boy won't eat it.

Dessert - ah, dessert will be special. See, everything I'm serving is pareve - no meat, no dairy - but my crockpot is fleishig. I could get a dairy liner, but it's not worth it for us. The rules for this - and I've studied this in depth - is that one cannot plan to serve dairy at the same time as pareve cooked with meat utensils, although it's possible to serve the pareve on your dairy plates. BUT. You can serve the dairy immediately afterwards because the pareve is still pareve. In fact, if you accidentally (truly accidentally) serve dairy with that pareve, it's fine.

So. I don't have enough plates and silver anyway, so, I'm serving this meal on the paper products left over from Passover, which are very pretty. When the main course is over, everything will be collected and disposed of. The plastic covering for the tablecloth won't be a problem because any food spilled on it will be pareve. And then I'll bring out the dairy dessert. Apple strudel (storebought, thank you very much) with DAIRY ice cream (Haagen Daz Dulce du Leche.) We also have sugarfree chocolate cake for, well, me. But I'll have a small spoonful of the ice cream.

Also, whole wheat challah and maybe Dos Equis because it's so Southwestern.