June 14th, 2006

BB fB -byCara_Chapel


Tonight, I was walking down Avenue J, a street in my neighborhood, when I heard a couple of women shout, "Debbie!" from a tan minivan. I had no idea who they were. And when I turned, they said, "We thought you were a friend of ours who'd just moved to Israel - with your green backpack."

And I told t hem them that I was, in fact, named Debbie. "You dress just like our friend, you cover your hair just like our friend, you have her punim!"

"I have relatives in Israel who look like me." I do. My mom's family all have the same face. I have second cousins who could be my sisters. "Is she a Goldstein?"

"No, she's Sephardi on both sides!" I'm all Ashkenaz. They assured me that my double (not just the same name - waves at the_star_fish, but the same face!) was a wonderful person, so I told them I was honored.

It was just so funny and cute. I do have one of those faces - people always think they know who I am.

In other news:

My new wool and needles arrived today. And - oh dear. I thought the wool was going to be cool blues and greens, but it's bright colors, including reds, and the needles - I seem to have made a mistake and ordered size 7 double points, not size 0.

I'm planning to knit a couple of worsted weight hats, so those needles will come in handy. I don't know what to do with the yarn - it's just not pretty. Maybe I'll just send it back?