June 25th, 2006


Siyyum Mishnayot

Every year, a member of our synagogue organizes a siyyum mishnayot - everyone who signs up gets a tractate of Mishnah (2nd C CE codification of Jewish law, divided into six parts, or seders, and then into tractates) such that we complete at least three s'dorim. It's a tremendous effort - he has to match people up with their choices and pick interesting ones for those who let him choose. This is capped off with a siyyum - a celebration of completing this. People learn the tractates however they wish - alone, as a family, with a partner, in Hebrew, in English, with a taped class. It doesn't matter, so long as they are finished by the day of the siyyum.

It's open to all members, but most of those who sign up are men. This year, 7 out of forty were women, and this is actually more than usual. This would be my fifth time doing this.

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