July 14th, 2006

Mama Deb

Who is Donna Troy?

Yesterday, when I went back to the comic book store that is local to where I work, not to where I live to pick up the bank card I'd left there (prior to losing my nice umbrella, but that's okay, because I had a backup), I decided to make the trip more worthwhile by checking out the trade paperbacks.

And there it was - New Teen Titans. Who is Donna Troy?

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Mama Deb

TV woes

Our bedroom tv is not working. It's an older model, and we had to kluge a way to get input from the new DVD player (the one that will play discs burned from the computer so we can watch Doctor Whos) and it finally broke and we get no visual input at all. We have been expecting this, and it's not really repairable, and also a new 14" set is relatively inexpensive.

The problem is getting it, since we are carfree. The plan (overly ambitious for Friday) was to go to Circuit City (30 minute train ride), buy a tv and take a car service home (40 minutes, depending on traffic and the time the cab takes to get there, plus the time to choose the set and possibly a shelf unit to contain it, the vcr, the cable box and the vcr) and then taking the set upstairs and installing it, and then Jonathan goes to work (or I go home alone and Jonathan goes to work, and I pay the cabby to take the set into the foyer, to be taken upstairs Saturday night.)

I don't see the need. We can just as easily go on Sunday with no time constraints. We have a tv set and a vcr in the living room so I can tape the new SG-1 and SGA episodes and watch them there, and what more do we need until then? Jonathan has accepted my wisdom.
Mama Deb

Friday afternoon

Meatloaf is in the oven.
Store-bought kugel is in the oven.
Asparagus is marinating in the refrigerator.
Coffee is made.

VCR is set for Stargates.

I need to put away my knitting (I'm almost up to the second heel - let's see how often I do *that* one), set the lights, refill the coffee urn and take a shower. I have less than 30 minutes. Plenty of time.

Good Shabbos to those who observe and Happy Friday night to everyone else.