July 24th, 2006

Bored by CaraChapel

Bored, indeed

For reasons having to do with both weather and the fact that a significant portion of Queens has been without power (may that be remedied as soon as possible), my office has no net access at all. There was a thunderstorm on Friday that fried the modem, and because they're located in Queens and all the repairwork for the power systems damaged *their* main cable, it might take over a week to get service.

So I had nothing to do - not my real work and not the stuff I do for the long periods of time when I have no work. I played (and lost) a lot of spider solitaire. I did get something to do - a very boring and useless task but still better than endlessly losing at spider solitaire, so I was happy to get it. But that happend at 4:15. *Sigh*

I would have read or knit had either been acceptable. I would have written but I don't want to save fic onto my work computer and I had no way of sending it anywhere without email or net access.

Better to look up phone numbers.