July 25th, 2006

Mama Deb

Intertubes at work are still blocked - randomness

So. I played a lot of spider and looked up a lot of phone numbers. That was my day. Mindnumbing is a mild term.

In other news - we are now prepared for the Nine Days. This means we have sufficient underwear and socks to last us until Tisha B'Av, and we had meat for dinner in preparation for no laundry and no meat (except for Shabbat.)

I've been using 5" birch Brittanys for the second pair of socks (I can stop any time I want to. Really.) and I really liked the shorter length. But one snapped. I think I hold them too tightly, and the bamboo is more flexible - so I'm back to the 7" bamboo ones. Ah, well. I now have cable needles. Or something. Or I'll learn to hold them more lightly and buy another set so I have extras. One or the other.

How's everyone else been? Hugs flist. I've missed you *all day*.

And for those who care - http://mamadeb.vox.com/, although it's mostly just staking a claim.