July 28th, 2006

Mama Deb

Why was there meat?

We went toAbigael's last night, anticipating a Nine Day's menu. There wasn't, precisely. There was the regular steak menu, the regular pan-Asian menu (can I tell you I love that? It recognizes Asia has lots of cooking styles) and a recital of fish/pareve specials. Fortunately, there was plenty of choice.

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Medical stuff


Oh, and because I didn't ask yesterday and Jonathan went in today, he asked the doctor for me.

I can fast. I just need to keep an eye on my bg and if it goes below 70, I should eat.

I was kinda hoping, but...ah, well.

Dinner prep

We can't eat meat during the Nine Days, except that there is no mourning on Shabbat. So there is meat on Shabbat - but meat without leftovers because once it's Saturday night, we're back to fish.

So. Dinner tonight:
Poached Salmon over tomato salad
Lemon/parsley chicken
Salt and pepper kugel
marinated broccoli

Lunch tomorrow:
Steak salad

(challah rolls/wine)

The salmon is leftovers from last night. The salad is store bought (tomatoes, onions, cilantro in a vinaigrette. Delicious.)

I used a hand blender to combine fresh flat leaf parsley with lemon juice and rind and oil. I put this under the skin of two chicken legs, and also in and around them in the pan. They're currently in a 450 oven.

I microwaved the broccoli and tossed it with balsamic vinegar, light olive oil, garlic and pepper. It's in the fridge. I'll just put the kugel in the oven.
Steak salad is sliced steak, hearty greens, onion, red pepper and tomatoes tossed in a mustard vinaigrette, with croutons. I sliced shoulder steak into strips and marinated it briefly in vinegar, oil and black pepper. It's cooking in a frying pan now. When it's fully cooked, it goes in the fridge. Meanwhile, my house smells of food I feel guilty tasting (although it is a mitzvah to taste the food, to make sure it's fit for Shabbat.)